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Thema: French B18 Hiji : The Green Efficience

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    so what are the news here? anything new?
    Hi, not so much news, We have moved back in Southern France beginning of October, I had to buy news injectors with a better fitting for my engine's set up!
    the car is pre-mapped, the guy in charge of the mapping was in holydays with his prototype K20, on the Nürburgring, and Donnington...nice holydays

    I get my 2 bucket seat (RRS and Stand 21 Kevlar), my rear Lexan glasses, the Neova tyres...and I will get my roll-cage in I'm more collecting parts than mounting them on my car

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    sounds really good! i like your project a lot, its the same direction i'm going with my ee8 crx, also B18 engine, no 230hp, but its close to that. i think you're gonna love the advan neova, its a great rubber! i'm runnin federal fz201 at 205/50R15 but still need more traction in the front so i think i really need a LSD!
    where di you get you lexan windows from and were they expensive?

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    thanks I try to do it on my way, no useless parts costing a lot, only the necessary for reliability and performance...the LSD really change the behavior of the car, but also the way you turn:
    without LSD you can get in a turn faster, but you exit this turn a little but slower...
    with LSD, you enter slower....but you keep accelerating and exit really quicker out of the you need a laps of time to adapt you driving skill, and that's interesting

    I get the lexan windows from a little company specialized in fiberglass and lexan rally part, from south of France (the Rally Temple ) "MC Racing", in Nîmes.
    you just have to send them the form of the windows on a A0 sheet of paper, and they reproduce the form. I will do the rear windshield also

    90€ for the rear pair
    190€ for the front pair with the holes
    80€ for the rear windshield

    you save about 5kg on the font, 5 on the rear, and maybe also 5 on the windshield



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