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Thema: Mint Civic EG6 Hatch

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    Standard Mint Civic EG6 Hatch


    I've been in Hondas since a long long time. Tried all old skool models but now I know my true love - EG6.

    My friend bought it 3 years ago 5 minutes before me but now he is doing K20 in his true Mugen DC2 so he called me 1st... The rest is history. When I look back it was ok he bought it 'for me' because he done and buy things I would never do/afford - I have 2 great kids so ride is not any more on top of the list.

    Some first crappy mobile shots when it came...

    I had Jazz GD1 for about a year (D2 coilovers, Sprint wheels SW96, CF spoon wing, Nardi wood grain satin spokes, Daikei hub, short RAM,...) but now it was given to my wife! She is happy!

    I took new Personal Grinta from Jazz and now it's in Hatch - perfect.

    Made a swap of lug nuts. Red Rays from EG on Jazz, and Project Kics on EG.

    Interested or funny thing about the wheels TE37. Those are the same I bought new for my ex. ex. ex. EK. Sold to him, my wife bought them back to my ex. EG, sold again to him for this EG... BACK 2 ME! Even more.
    Before Jazz I had DC2 JDM front end and in pack were AGAIN TE37 wheels. DAMN! They are like a CURSE!!!

    Bit of cleaning - cloth, tooth brush, water and some Wurth spraj.

    Winter set and some stuff...

    And few days ago I made some better pics of the ride. No interior yet.

    Just some extra mint parts that came with the Hatch.

    Maybe some specs/mods just to keep track of them;
    - Volk RAYS TE37
    - Yokohama Advan AD08 195/55R15
    - Project Kick R40 lug nuts
    - Stock B16A2
    - ITR loputa zraka
    - ITR Air Box
    - MUGEN 4-1 exhaust manifold
    - MUGEN Twin Loop muffler
    - Personal Grinta steering wheel
    - Broadway 400 mm convex rear mirror (2 see my 2 kids)
    - Junction produce black kiku knot
    - s2k 5MT shift knob
    - Leather shift boot red stitch - new
    - New A/C full set
    - ITR DC2 F and R brake swap
    - Brembo rotors & Fritech Racing brake pads
    - OEM Black armrest - new + 1 extra + removable inside bottle/can holder
    - OEM Black audio console - new
    - OEM JDM White face amber gauge cluster - new
    - OEM JDM Amber A/C control
    - OEM JDM Amber clock
    - OEM JDM Gathers Rear Speakers full set - new
    - OEM JDM Black dual din center console - new
    - OEM JDM Center console amber glow box - new
    - OEM JDM Thin side moldings - new
    - OEM JDM Rain wind window visors - new
    - OEM JDM Yellow fog lights
    - OEM JDM Acoustic researsch door tweeters
    - OEM JDM Thin sidemarkers
    - OEM JDM Sunroof visor - new
    - Alpine CDE-9881R Radio
    - Alpine SPR-13S speakers
    - OEM JDM One Peac Wing
    - OEM F and R mud flaps
    - JDM Parking permit registration sticker
    - OEM Side Dohc Vtec decals - new
    - OEM by Thule Civic EG roof rack kit
    - Thule Xtender 739 ski carrier
    - OEM EG6 wheel 15X5.5
    - FULDA M+S 195/55/15 winter tires
    - ...and 3 big boxes of EG stuff. Some still in boxes and new.

    In those last few days I made some personal touch...

    OEM bad, INOX good.

    Friends know me as neatfreak...

    Got lucky with licence plate - you can't choose much - just random and go.

    And for the end of my 1st post. I made fresh wallpaper for my office.

    Proper interior pics coming soon.

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    Dobre dano..

    Great looking car.... anymore data like mileage, year and maybe a soundcheck-video?

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    Dober dan!

    TNX! It has real 120k km+ on the clock, year 1995 anf first registration I think it was in the June. Today I'll do some photoshoot and I'll do some vid. No prob.

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    Very nice! We had a clean full options EG5 for 9 years long, bought it with under 50Tkm on it in 2004 and just sold it recently. Very fun car to drive, never tuned or modified it .

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    Ahh, Slovenia. How I miss you and want to go back. Spent time in Ljubljana, a whole week at Bohinsko Jezero (in Stara Fuzina), and a little bit in Maribor. Next time I should go in winter to do some skiing.

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    Ich arbeitete in einer Zeit in zargen türen Slowenien in das Geschäft mit Tür -
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